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Tesla EV charging speeds

A common question we are asked is about the charging speed for Tesla vehicles. With increasing numbers of new and used Tesla vehicles, we receive more questions and inquiries related to hardwired EV chargers, plug-in EV chargers, and adapters for Tesla EV chargers.

Tesla vehicles have the ability for ultra-fast residential EV charging.  The charging speed of any electric vehicle, including Tesla, will depend on three main factors:

  1. Battery Size – The bigger your battery, the longer it will take to charge
  2. Power source – Residential homes ideally need a 40-50 amp breaker for the fastest charging
  3. Battery charge rate – The EV battery can only be charged at a certain speed.


The good news is that Tesla vehicles have the fastest battery charge rates, with Tesla EV charging capable of 11-12 kilowatts per hour, which is around 20% faster than most EVs currently.  The table below shows the recommended EV charger types, the required power source, and approximated miles per range of hour of charge.

Tesla EV charging speeds

The fastest Tesla EV chargers are level 2 EV chargers, with a circuit breaker that matches closely to the Tesla vehicle onboard charger capacity.

Please use this link to see our current Tesla EV charging range.  These Tesla EV chargers all have the NACS standard Tesla connector:





The above links are all for Tesla-specific level 2 220-240 volt EV chargers and do not require the use of adapters since they come with the standard Tesla NACS connector to plug straight into your Tesla.