ECOeV Charger (B)


EV Charger 12 Amp, 1.4kW

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3 Pin Plugs NEMA 10-30 Socket, NEMA 10-50 Socket, NEMA 5-15 Socket, NEMA 6-20 Socket, NEMA 6-30 Socket, NEMA 6-50 Socket
4 Pin Plugs NEMA 14-30 Socket, NEMA 14-50 Socket, NEMA L14-30 Socket
Rated Current 12amp, 16amp, 20amp, 24amp, 32amp, 40amp
Length 25 feet, 33 feet
Ingress Protection IP55 Rating when connected
Lifespan 10,000 insertions
Temperature -30c to +50c
Guarantee 18 months
Approvals CE, CB & TUV Approved
Impact Resistance 2m drop on concrete
Material Premium TPU with thin and lightweight cable
Compatibility Suitable for all EVs with SAE J1772 inlet
Features LED indicator lights to manage charging errors

This post's average rating is: 5

Amerage Charge Speeds
12amp 1.4 kW
16amp 3.8 kW
20amp 4.8 kW
24amp 5.8 kW
32amp 7.4 kW
40amp 9.6 kW

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