EV Chargers compatible with Nissan Leaf 2018-2019

Nissan Leaf 2018-2019
$199.00 - $539.00

Choose your Plug Type

$199.00 - $539.00

What’s included?

LED Control Box Lights


HardShell Case

25 Ft. Cable length options

Cable Protector

EV Hanger with Integrated Dock

Reflective Cover

Battery Specifications

Battery Size


Battery Acceptance


Battery kWh

Optimized Speed Time

You can choose between the different charaina options available for vour car


Charges at your cars acceptance rate, slower charge and won’t totally futureproof you.

1.5x faster

Charging for your next car but won’t totally futureproof you!

2x faster

Charging for your next car and most complete EV futureproofing available for this

Key Features

One year warranty

Adjustable Current


Bring with you anywhere.

Easy Set-up

No wall box installation needed.

Built-in tech

With LED indicators or LCD screen to identify charge status and working condition.

Safety First

Water and lightning proof, leakage protection, overvoltage and undervoltage protection.

Charging options

Fast and powerful charging alternatives for residential use that can match the output of some commercial charging stations.

The Nissan Leaf is the groundbreaking plug-in hybrid electric vehicle alongside the Chevrolet Bolt that put electric vehicles on the map. The first Nissan Leaf hit the market in 2011, and Nissan has provided many updates to its fleet focused on design upgrades, faster battery charging (acceptance rates) and larger batteries to provide extra plug-in hybrid range). Newer Nissan Leaf models have larger battery sizes (40kWh – 60 kWh) and these are better suited to level 2 chargers. Earlier models 2012-2016 can also be suitable for level 1 (slower charging aka overnight charging) since battery capacities are smaller. Nissan Leaf models prior to 2016 a NEMA 5-15 level 1 portable electric charger works well for the Nissan Leaf (2017 onwards) with larger batteries we recommend level 2 EV chargers such as NEMA 14-50, NEMA 6-50 and NEMA 14-30 level 2 EV chargers.


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