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Level 2 14-30 EV charger FAQ

NEMA 14-30 Level 2 EV Charger – FAQs

After NEMA 14-50 level 2 EV chargers, the NEMA 14-30 Level 2 EV charger is our most popular selling charger.  The reason for this is the charging power that this plug type offers.

It is a 240V ev charger and provides a much faster charge compared to level 1 and some level 2 chargers.   The other reason for its popularity is that NEMA 14-30 plug receptacles can be found in garages and sometimes other buildings.  They were used in the past for power tools, clothes dryers and other 240 volt appliances and have not been adapted for EV chargers.

The numbers 14-30 simply denote the current rating of the plug and how much power you can put through it, so a plug with a 30 amp rating is 2x the rating of your regular plugs at home.

Are there any alternatives to a NEMA 14-30 for level 2 charging?  NEMA 6-50 and NEMA 14-50 level 2 EV chargers are faster than NEMA 14-30 level 2 chargers.  If you have an existing NEMA 14-30 you should consider the cost of electrical work and upgrades which can be expensive.  

Do you sell NEMA 10-50 level 2 EV chargers?  No, we do not sell NEMA 10-50 level 2 EV chargers.  These plug types do not have a grounding wire and they are an electrical safety hazard.

Are these level 2 chargers faster?  

Yes, they will charge your car approximately 50% fasters.

How much range do I get with a NEMA 14-30 level 2 EV Charger?

With our TotalEV™ EV charger (the highest power NEMA 14-30), this will give a power output of 5 to 5.7 kilowatts per hour (kWh).  A car battery that can accept 5 to 5.7 kilowatts per hour charge, will get ~8-10 miles range per hour of charge.

How do NEMA 14-30 level 2 EV chargers compare price wise to level 1 charger?

The typical price difference is $150-$200 depending on power level (amperes).

At EV-Chargers™ our mission is to make the complex more simple and to reduce the jargon in the EV industry.  Please use our EV-Selector tool and in 3 clicks we can recommend the right level 1 or level 2 ev charger for you https://evchargersusa.com/ev-charger-selector-tool/