EV Extender Cables

EV charger extension cord allows you to extend your charging reach.  Rugged and robust design with overvoltage and undercurrent protection.   The ev charger extension cords allow you to reach your car more easily or avoid stretched cords and tripping risks. Compatible with all U.S. cars with a J1772 type 1 connector and support level and level 2 EV charging up 32 amps. 

EV Charger Extension Cord Key Features

  • Supports up to 32amps of chan it provides 20 extra feet of cable reach to charge your car – supports up to 32 amp charging
  • Compatible with all J1772 Type 1 EV chargers and Tesla charges with J1772 adapter. If you have a Tesla, you can buy the adapter here.  
  • Durability – Cord is made of high strength ABS plastic to make it more durable for long term use
  • Waterproof – IP66 rated ensures you can use it anywhere, anytime
  • Charging levels – Level 1 charging (requires 110-120V) and Level 2 charging (requires 220-240V)
  • Peace of Mind – 1 year warranty 

EV Extension Cords Specification

  • Type: EV Extender
  • Amperage: Up to 40 Amps
  • Plug Type J1772 Type 1 (all U.S. electric vehicles and works with Tesla to J1772 adaptor)
  • Weight 7.5lbs
  • Length 20 feet

EV Extender Cables (aka EV Extension Cords)

A frequent problem when charging your electric vehicle is that the charging cable will not “stretch” to your car.  This is often because wall chargers or portable chargers are in a fixed position in the home and are not designed to be unplugged and moved around.  The other reason is that it could be expensive and difficult to move your charging plug to a more convenient location.

EV charger extension cables are designed to avoid the hassle of unplugging or re-situating your charging location by providing an extra 20 feet of charging length.  When your car can’t reach the charging source or your cable won’t stretch to your charging inlet on your car, these EV charger extension cord solutions really are very useful.

EV extender cables or EV extension cords are a great addition to increase your car’s charging capabilities.    When buying EV extender cables, it is worth checking the amperage of your EV charger so that the amperage of your charger does not exceed the amperage of the EV extender cord.  Most ev extender cords are provided in the following variations:-

Charging Level Amperage Voltage
Level 1 16 amps 120V
Level 2 32 amps 250V
Level 2 40 amps 250V


For example, if you have a fast level 2 charger such as a JuiceBox 48 (48 amps), a Grizzl-E or other chargers with 40 amp charging current, you should not use a 32 amps extension cord.  The extension cord should not be used with any charging source that exceeds the stated amperage of the extension cord. 

To use, connect your regular charger head to the extender cable receptacle, then connect the end of the EV extension cord into your car.  

In order to future proof yourself and have an extension cord that is more versatile, we recommend a 32 amp or 40 amp level 2 charging extension cord.    Even if you have a level 1 EV charger or low amperage EV charger, the extension cord is compatible with lower amperages but not higher ones.