NEMA 14-50 Wallbox EV Chargers


Level 2 Wallbox 14-50 EV chargers are the gold standard, go-to charger in the industry alongside the smaller, lighter more portable EV chargers. Some EV owners prefer EV Wallboxes as a more permanent charging, wall-mounted solution.  Another preference is the HD LED larger display, which can be seen from a further distance, and the app-enabled functionality via Bluetooth.  This allows for remote charging capability, charging schedules, and charging data. Many car apps provide charging data and delayed charging but do not provide remote on/off charging capability.

Our Wallbox provides level 2 40 amp charging and is the most powerful plug-in EV charging.  A NEMA 14-50 socket is required, which is the most common EV charging plug preferred by most electricians and Tesla.


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