EV Extension cord with J1772 Connector


EV charger extension cord allows you to extend your charging reach.  If you ever come home after a long day or are in a rush to charge or find your charging space taken, then you will recognize the problem the EV charger extension cords solve!

Allow you to reach your car more easily, avoid stretched cords and tripping risks, as well as the frustration of getting in and out of your car to move it to be in the perfect position to charge. Due to the location of many EV plugs and chargers in garages or other spots, it can frequently cause strain on the charger. Compatible with all U.S. cars (except Tesla) and supports all level 2 EV charging up to 40 amps 9.6 kWh.

EV Extender Cords – Extends your EV charging reach with an extra 20 feet of charging.

Durable Cord – Is manufactured from high-strength ABS plastic for extra durability and long-term use.

Ergonomic Design – Easy to connect and use.

Waterproof – IP66 rating means you can use it anywhere and anytime.

Supports – All level 1 and level 2 EV charging (110v, 120v, 240v, 250v etc).

Broad Compatibility – Compatible with all U.S. cars (except Tesla) and supports all level 2 EV charging.

Peace of Mind – One year warranty.

Product Type EV extender cord/cable.

Rated Current Up to 40 amps.

Weight 7.5 lbs.

Length 20 feet.

Plug Type J1772 Type 1 (all U.S. electric vehicles) Tesla requires a Tesla to J1772 adapter).

Shell Material Thermoplastic (Insulator inflammability UL94 V-0).

Contact Pins Copper alloy, silver, or nickel plating.


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