Key Features

180-Degree Swivel Bracket

So flexible that it will follow you and not be stiff when you are using it at different angles. The bracket and the rotating shaft allow the EZ EV REEL to pivot 180 degrees.

Any Length Lock

Stop When You Want – Effortlessly use your EV Charger at any length with the specially designed stop-anywhere locking mechanism.

Worry-free charging

Avoid waking up to an uncharged EV from a tripped breaker. Dial down your current with our EV charger to find the setting that avoids the hassle and danger of constant breaker tripping.

Adjustable Current

Powerful 6,8,10,15 amp EV Charger.

Heavy Duty with Automatic Rewind

Give the EV Cable a gentle tug, the EZ EV REEL will retract automatically back in.