Tesla to J1772 Charging Adapter (Short)


Product Description

Expand your charging options! Tesla charging station adapter allows you to charge your electric or plug in hybrid car using a Tesla charger.   The  Tesla to Type 1 J1772 adaptor allows any electric vehicle owner to use a wide variety of Tesla chargers.  Just connect the Tesla charger to our J1772 adapter and plug it into your electric vehicle to enjoy level 2 charging (3 -4x charging speeds compared to level 1 EV charging)!

Instructions for optimal use

  1. Switch off pre-programmed delayed charging schedules in e-Manager. The charger may start/stop at least once in establishing the connection, and when it does, it will revert to your charge schedules and likely not charge (hence why we suggest switching off any delay charging schedules).
  2. Connect the adapter to the end of your Tesla charger. Please then count to twenty.
  3. Connect the charger to your J1772 Typ1 electric or plug in hybrid vehicle charging port.
  4. It may two to three minutes for the car to begin charging. The Tesla destination charger may occasionally make some noise during the process.
  5. After the Tesla charger begins scrolling green, the car will take another 45 to 60 seconds before it starts charging.
  6. To remove once charging is complete, press down the red button (on the Tesla connector/adapter end) and then press black button (on the J1772 end of the adapter).
  7. Max 40A & 250V.

Charging convenience – Expand your charging options.  Perfect to pop in your trunk for on-the-go use to charge quickly. Great for longer distance trips to hotels, work offices or other locations where they often only have a Tesla destination or other higher-powered chargers.

Quick Charging Speed – With a level 2 EV charger source, the adaptor allows for 3-4 faster charging compared to standard level 1 charging.

Compatibility – Compatible with the Tesla High Power Wall Connector, Mobile Connector and Destination Charger.  This product is not compatible with the Tesla Supercharger, which is above the rating of this connector.  Please do not use with Tesla power sources that exceed the max 250 volts and max 40-amp rating of this adapter.

U.S. Vehicle Compatibility – works with all North American vehicles since all have the Type 1 J1722 connector (Chevrolet, Nissan, Audi, BMW, Kia, Ford, Toyota, Honda, etc.).

Easy Setup for charging – Simply connect the Tesla charging source to this adaptor and then connect into your electric vehicle. To remove after charge, press the red button (on the Tesla adapter end) and then the black button (on the J1772 end). Max 40A & 250V.

Save Money – Avoid having to install an additional EV Charging unit at home for Non-Tesla  EVs. This a good purchase to keep in the car and have alongside your regular J1772 level 1 or level 2 EV charger so you can access a much larger charging network or to have at home to charge your non-Tesla vehicle and get the most out of your Tesla charging capability.


Input Voltage 250 volts (max 250 volts).

Amperage Up to 40 amps (max 40amps).


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