EVSE Charging Nozzle Dock Mount for J1772


Made from durable plastic, the ev charger holster stores charger plugs safely out of the way, protecting them from damage. 【Compatibility】Electric vehicle charger holster fits all Type 1 (SAE J1772) connectors. 【Easy Installation】The EVSE charging nozzle can be firmly fixed onto most flat surfaces indoors or outdoors, using the 4 screws & 4 wall plugs provided in the package. 【Simple to Use】Insert the J1772 holder until it clicks into place, the holster will latch onto the nozzle securely to keep it from falling out.

– Mount standard J1772 type connector, indoors or outdoors!

– Heavy duty combination with steel and plastic material can hold charger steady.

– 25M long cables can be easily coiled up and hung on the deep J hook.

  Wall screws included.


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